Monday, December 6, 2010

Laugh #13 - the sensy pants


This laugh is inspired by that guy that everyone knows that is WAY too sensitive.  The one that likes to just sit down and have a good talk, possibly a cry, or maybe even a nice quiet night with a good book and a 'divine' glass of chardonnay.  The person I think is kind of sensitive like Bruce from Family Guy.

Sound profile:

This laugh starts as soft and unassuming as the laughers personality is.  It then ends with a sigh as to say 'hey there, I am laughin with you, but I am not judging you...just enjoying sharing this moment of laughter'.  Normally this laugh will go on noticed in the crowd and the laugher is fine with that...'wouldn't want to take away from the person in the spot light at the moment'.


This can be executed by most beginners as it may just come naturally.  For those trying to do this laugh and not being a sensy pants it may pose to be a little bigger challenge and therefore I give it the intermediate difficulty ranking.

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