Monday, October 25, 2010

Laugh #7 - the surprised surprise

This laugh is inspired by this spooktackular time of year (Halloween) and also by the sound of somebody pointing and laughing at something surprising, but they then get surprised while doing the laugh.

Sound profile:
This is a laugh is only slightly spooky and sounds like a ghost and so it fits for this Halloween season.  It starts out sounding very happy and surprised but then right in the middle "BOOM" another surprise happens to the laugh that is ALREADY surprised (thus the name).

This is an intermediate level laugh purely because normally this might just occur naturally and so one could argue that this is a beginner level.  Clearly if you try and repeat this you will see that there is a degree of difficulty in keeping the laugh that may not have been expected.


  1. I like this laugh for two reasons:
    1) It is seasonal.
    2) It is fairly easy to master.

    I tend to change my laugh based on the occasion, thus why I approve. I can see how the "BOOM" in the middle might trip some people up, however; if you are slightly laugh savvy you can make it work.

    I hope you have a scary Halloween.

  2. like you got poked halfway through! Likey.