Monday, October 11, 2010

Laugh #5 - the whispering sprinkler

This laugh is inspired by the distinct sound of a sprinkler and of a squirrel. I also met a girl who laughed like this when I was younger and it haunts me still.

Sound profile:
This is fun loving, but a little sneaky. It has a repetitive sound but because its more of a whisper it keeps it fresh. This also is a laugh that doesn't command respect in a room forcefully, but sneaks onto peoples radars and gets it, because they have to stop and listen to hear it.

This is an intermediate / master level laugh. It requires an amount of control that most beginners might want to practice before attempting. Plus this laugh also includes a hand in front of the mouth (fingers curled half way) so the coordination of getting the hand up there in time so surrounding audience doesn't get spit on, also pushes it to be more advanced.

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