Monday, September 27, 2010

Laugh #3 - The Party in the Back

This laugh is inspired by two things, one of my favorite actor/comedians Ricky Gervais and one of the most hilarious haircuts/lifestyles - the mullet.  Plus its my birthday at the end of this week (shameless plug) so I felt it was fitting.

Sound profile:
Much like the mullet this laugh starts off with the business in the front but then surprises you with the party on the back end.  It's high pitch and irreverence show that you mean business and everyone else better just hold on to their hats.

This is definitely an intermediate level laugh.  The reason this is rated intermediate is because just like throwing a good party takes some know how and planning, so does this laugh.


  1. There's a certain rebel yell element to this that this Old Tyme Marylander appreciates. Yeehaw.

  2. Bah ha ha - Glad you approve Marline!