Monday, September 13, 2010

Laugh #1 - the goat machine gun

This laugh is inspired by one of my best friends ex girlfriends.  She literally used to laugh like a goat.  Was it coincidence that they broke up after I revealed this to him...could be, but I think he just came to his senses.

Sound profile:  
This is a repeater, and a little harsh as the sounds pierce the ears with its repetitive stings, very confident, and almost cocky as the same sound is sent out several times.

This is a good beginner/intermediate laugh.  The repetitive nature of this makes it easy to get the hang of but the obnoxious factor makes it an intermediate level because the execution requires a great deal of confidence.


  1. It took me one or two tries but I think I have mastered this laugh. This was a good choice for your first post. I can't wait to move on to more challenging laughs as the weeks go on. It is a true skill, and I appreciate your modest effort. Good day.

  2. Good good. Before long you will be a laugh Jedi! Don't give up...over the coming weeks it will get tougher but hang in there. ;-)